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A love letter in French … simply beautiful Expression of Love

We were simply bowled over by a letter sent by a site user today. She even made the letter public, because i guess an expression of love is universal.
A screenshot of the letter is below. And the translation in english using Google

Heartfelt sentiments of love in French

I want you to know that I adore you.
Every moment spent with you makes me fall deeper in love with you. I look forward to the days, months, years to come. You are a blessing in my life, thank you for all the big and little things you do for me.
I love you.

Community Letter Gallery

To the Wandering Soul… letter from a site user

We just got this in. One of the site users made their letters public (yes you can do that. in the preview mode there is a checkbox to mark your letter as public). It is addressed to “The Wandering Soul”.
Hmmmm.. interesting. Here is the short letter, more a poem.

The Wandering Soul. Poetic Letter


Thought for Life, On Independence Day and More by Alok Mehta

My friend Alok (whom we affectionately call Jango) is one of the funniest one-line quotes maker. They are witty, some time down right hilarious and often have deep meaning behind them. So here are some of his one-liners from his facebook page. I love the one on Independence day

Some daily Quotes!


Highly encouraged to get some awesome feedback from users

We have been sending out Vintage Letters to friends and family and have been encouraged by all the enthusiastic support so far. One of our friends actually sent us a note using the site itself – here are some of her words of encouragement (thanks, Meg)

VintagaMailMaker is Awesome! A users feedback

Other comments we have received so far
1. This is lovely – Loren
2. This is such a great idea. I love it – A blogger in India
3. Love it!!!! it came through great on my phone! Such a great idea — Sara W.
4. Nice!!!
5. Really cool (a friend from India )
6. Its a great concept…. ( a friend in Portland)
7. Dude – everyone on my facebook think its cool !