Handwritten Letter

The Lost Art of Hand Writing

When did you last write something something? Filling out forms or typing them down doesn’t count. Probably a long time as with digital media, handwriting seems to be quickly disappearing. With computers, phones, and tablets readily available, typing provides a new level of convenience and efficiency. Even this blog post was typed out! While typing offers speed and cleanliness, handwriting carries a timeless elegance that you cannot replace.

The Personal Touch

Handwriting is a deeply personal form of communication. It doesn’t just send a message, it is an expression of the writer’s emotions, personality, and experiences. Handwriting is like a fingerprint, there are no two styles exactly alike.

In a way, writing by hand encourages more engagement and mindfulness. When you are typing, a mistake can be easily corrected, but you can’t always take it back as a stroke of the pen. This requires a slower and more deliberate pace where you must think through what you are about to say.

Value of Handwriting

Unlike fleeting digital messages that can be easily deleted or forgotten, handwritten notes carry a sense of history and significance, serving as enduring reminders of our most meaningful experiences.

Letters are considered a valuable source of historical information. While they might not be true historical recounting, they can convey emotions and provide a more personal experience of major events.

For famous people who have created something, these letters are even more important as they allow us to see their thought process throughout their work and give us a stronger understanding and appreciation. On a practical level, these letters can be valuable financially because of who wrote them.

Better Security

In an era of digital privacy and cybersecurity, it seems like what you type down is at risk of being hacked or copied. Luckily, that is not an issue with handwritten letters. Unlike electronic communications, which can be intercepted, hacked, or manipulated with relative ease, handwritten letters provide a level of security. It is much harder to copy someone’s handwriting than retyping a message online.

Being able to copy handwriting is a difficult skill to master as everyone has unique ticks and styles. They will need to study all of that. Even the slightest differences can give away forgeries. Just the risk of that is enough to deter most fraudsters.

Compare this to digital theft where the risk is much lower. Those committing fraud don’t need to put themselves at any physical risk and can easily retype or edit messages.

Furthermore, the physicality of handwritten documents adds an extra layer of security. If someone wants to take it, they must physically find it and take it, which is much harder as they need to be at the right place at the right time.

If you enjoy typing, there is nothing wrong with that either and you can still find many practical benefits. But if you want to add a vintage touch and make your works appear more handwritten, try using our vintage letter feature to give your modern work a more traditional touch. You can test them out here.

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