Writing to an Ex-Lover

In the process of writing to an ex-lover, it’s important to remember that emotions can be complex and sometimes difficult to put into words. Take your time and allow yourself to reflect on your feelings before you start writing. Be honest and sincere in your communication, as authenticity often forms the foundation of any meaningful connection. Additionally, consider the tone and language you use; it should reflect your genuine intentions, whether it’s seeking closure, expressing gratitude, or simply wishing them well in their journey. Remember, this letter is not about rekindling the past, but rather about acknowledging it and finding a sense of peace within yourself.

“I don’t think much about guys from the past. I’m glad I knew them, but there’s a reason they didn’t make it into my future.”
― Lorraine Zago RosenthalOther Words for Love

Whatever you have to say to an ex-lover is kind of awkward. This is just the dichotomy of human interaction. If we feel neglected or hurt, we tend to distance ourselves from the person who inflicted it. So what is the right approach in dealing with an ex-lover in a way that we stay on the boundaries of being emphatic and not stepping on personal affairs?

How do you start?

You may start with a greeting that wouldn’t be too personal. You can check on them as an introduction. Do not be so eager that it will seem to intrude. Just a casual greeting and catching up phrases would do.  You don’t need to put so much effort into it.

How do you write the content?

You write the content based on your subjugation. You must control the content of your letter. Whether it is an emotional letter or just a friendly letter, you have to be precise in your intent to communicate in a civil manner. You have to control your content so that the point gets through to your recipient.

 How do you end your letter?

Be subtle in saying goodbye. Remember that you have already said the most painful goodbye of all. So if you must say goodbye, be wary of your words.

In the end, you two have shared something special so might as well be mindful of the words that you will write. This may take a step back to recovery or help advance a reconnection. One thing is for sure, this is a step that can help you gain a friend. It’s just a matter of just writing the right lines.

Ex-Lover Letter
Lorraine Zago Rosenthal

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