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Our love story started at an age where we were too young to understand what forever meant, yet, unconsciously perhaps, we promised each other forever that day. I never really understood what faith meant, or what soulmates entailed. For the longest it seemed like a fairy tale: unattainable. My entire life true love seemed like the thing that Shakespeare wrote about, and not much more than that. As little me grew older, Shakespeare might've blessed me with some of his talent, I started writing. I feel like if you share a birthday with an author such as Shakespeare, there
is no other option but to be a hopeless romantic. We had gone our separate ways after we met. We both grew up, experienced loss, gains, happiness, sadness. More importantly (and even though this is hard for me to admit) we experienced what love was without each other. We experienced caring for someone special. We experienced sharing memories with someone special. Someone who was not us, yet again. And there is poetry in that. Maybe we needed to figure out what our definition of love was on our own. Because I swear to you, when I saw you again on
that random Tuesday after years, the universe shifted in our favour. Thinking back, it was those above us shaping us to fit perfectly into each other. As every love letter goes “I see the universe in your eyes when you look at me”. This is the honest reason why I get nervous when you look at me. And as the months passed, I realized what faith meant. It is what brought us together. I also understand what true love means. True love is the type of love that you would defend and protect. It is the type of love that
you would die for, that you would kill for. Yours Truly, soulmate
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