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Most esteemed mom. Laveau I was honored to receive your letter; I have indeed heard of you. You are correct in saying I wear a mask of sorts - I have taken an oath to maintain the secrecy of the AHA and would I break it I would not survive to gloat. In a sense, it is both mask and shield. But if even half of what I have heard about you is the truth, then you likely know of what I speak. I have consulted with several of my colleagues on the matter, and we are of one mind: a partnership
between us would be of benefit to all. I would hear more of your visions of the city's end, for we have also seen such things. But there are other portents as well. I dare not commit more to paper. Let us meet and discuss this further in person. The coming months are, in our estimation, crucial. Please write me at your earliest convenience.\ Quam parva sapientia mundus regitur[1], Philip Huff Jones, M.D.
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