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Letter to Danzarlo Dear Danzarlo Daanband I do not believe that Carl has the best interest of the people in mind, Its more of a monetary motive, he wants to sell our people to the Evil Zhentarim Order to save himself and come out with riches, and the dungeon isnt even his to sell! I believe that if we can grant the Order tactical knowledge of the area we can give them a upper hand against the coming battle, you as a holy man surely understand the nature of our dungeon and its intentions, you've met the dungeon itself. I strongly feel that
Zhentarim Order will never honor a deal made with monetary intentions when they can just turn around and destroy our home without a challange. Carl mentioned it himself! He said our armies wouldnt be able to do anything about either of the armies. If we can either conjure our own army and support the Gauntlet in the coming battle or give the Order of gauntlet an advantage... surely.... I... I just dont know. But giving our home over to Zhentarim isnt an option.. I know we worship different Gods, but they're similar in the sense of being good. Sharing similar
tenets... In order to convince the Order of the Gauntlet I would need to Convince you, Danzarlo. Sincerely Leyia Branchpeak.
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