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Heyy! I wrote this letter when you were being impossible to me! When you hated me to leave you behind! When you thought of me as your worst enemy! And all I said was it’s okayy, he’ll grow up and he’ll understand then. Then I realised, a huge chunk of my life was dedicated in making you believe that you don’t have to be a grown up until it’s absolutely needed! I left you behind coz I was protecting your childhood Atharva. I wanted to be able to afford that. But I didn’t know that this preserving you as a kid would come
with your tantrums and hate and all such similar things. This letter is to request you that please don’t kill what i have protected so far! Do nottt take my leaving, our small house, our parents stupidity as an offense Atharva! Coz all that is a part of our existence, and one should never ever hate their existence!! Now it’s time to create a win for yourselves! My wins were in my family for a long period of time! I never really thought about self growth until I was here! But you can! The freedom of being able to think about aaplya
swata baddal, swatachya career baddal in whichever way you want - is what parents should give their kids. And I gave you that!! I can firmly say that! I DID GIVE YOU THAT FREEDOM! Damn! I want to see what could I have done if there were no responsibilities on me! And I want to see it with your eyes mauu! Our parents are dumb Atharva! Coz if they would have been evil, we would have been rich as fuck! They never fooled anyone! They never risked! They always were simple service-going people! You have no idea how much I fear that
I might be ending up same! But I am trying to break that pattern! I really am! So.. Atharva Nikude, brother of Akshita Nikude - your life is 65 percent better and 35 percent sucky! But as long as you focus and be grateful to the 65 percent! As long as you keep smiling with your happydent teeth - we both will make each other 100 percent happyyy baccha! I know we are going to! Do you wanna hear few future updates? Chal let’s listen - you graduating with an expensive Tie I bought you! Disneyland madhye driving Hagrid’s bike!! Fast forward?
Having houses besides each other with beautiful sunsets and porch to sit outside! Growing up to have kids who love each other! Growing up to life where we will make up for all the years we missed our birthdays! Growing up to not leave each other’s side ever!! There are so many moments, and people which are yet to come - to whom you’ll love beyond anything!! Till then - please give all your love and trust to your dumb parents and me ofcourse! Itka prem de irrespective of circumstances that if tomorrow we have to share you - we won’t be jealous!
We’d be proud to share your epic love with others! And as for me! You are very reason i exist! please support me when I am trying to create my own existence now, taking care of our family on one hand! Coz I want to be a better example for you! I love you! You are the only male I look up to! And my kids too are going to! Before any other relationship, we come for for each other - always! I know you are kind to the world! But if you start being kind to yourself - the world would be better
around you! I promise! Happy 20th, mau!
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