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-Distilled from spider venom and the flora of the Underdark, poison can be found in abundance among the drow. Drow mages concoct a viscid toxin that leaves enemies unconscious- The making of this drow poison takes at least (2) days and a well-stocked laboratory It should be a black, heavy, gummy substance, rather like molasses, and reacts to both air and sunlight. It will remain potent for a year if kept in a sealed packet but loses its efficacy 60 days after exposure to air (either aboveground or in the Underdark). It loses its potency instantly when exposed to sunlight Instructions: - distill spider
venom for 2 hours. - extract the poison from a violet mushroom. - mix both thoroughly with Faerzress. - let this ferment in complete darkness for 24 hours. - the poison is now ready to administer - take care when doing so
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