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Dearest Slivia, I cannot express enough gratitude for your willingness to communicate and offer your apologies for your past actions. Your honesty is a rare and precious gift in these uncertain times. I must also take responsibility for my own emotions and the tumultuous nature of my heart. I am known to many as a swinging miscreant, but beneath the bravado lies a man of deep feeling and conviction. Although I appreciate your kind words, I cannot deny the hurt and confusion that your actions caused me. Though we had not yet established a formal commitment or exclusivity, I believed that our
connection was something truly special, something that deserved to be explored and nurtured. When I learned of your actions, I felt as though a vital trust between us had been broken, and the potential for a future together had been dashed. I understand that your decision to kiss Atlas was born out of gratitude for his aid in saving your life, and I do not fault you for that. However, I must admit that it was difficult to see the one I care for deeply show such a lack of consideration for my feelings and the potential between us. As for the
letter I sent during your time with Lord and Lady Gryllos, I understand that circumstances prevented you from receiving it. While it would have been helpful to have had that communication, I do not believe it would have necessarily changed the outcome of events. Despite everything that has transpired, I am willing to give our relationship another chance. Though I cannot say for certain when our paths will cross once again, I look forward to that moment with eagerness and anticipation. Your apologies and willingness to make things right have touched me deeply, and I believe that you are a person
of true goodness and virtue. As I write these words, my heart swells with love for you, and I am filled with hope for our future together. Yours always, Nico D’Norae
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