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dear daddy belle, i love you the way soup loves a spoon. I am always thinking about you and i can’t help but cry when i think of how far our villages are.I want you to know that even if i am not next to you you HAVE to be a good girl. You heard me angel. I fear i won’t survive the war it’s getting gnarly out here but i wear your picture in my hat. If i don’t make it back home i need u to take care of the kids for me. For us.Here’s a little verse I
wrote for you I WROTE IT not Kane Stang ME. Yes she is the best i’ve ever had i’ll say it to her face and i’ll say it to her dad. I said kill me now i want die there’s a chance at an after life i might not get let in but at least i won’t be living. I love you daddy. Be a good girl.
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