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Conthsen, 19 Thunsheer, 986 PD Yesterday, the farm maid Hedy lost 2 more aurochs to the wretched. That’s a dozen this week alone. She came begging aid. I dispatched a detachment of guards to the farm to thin out the wretched. They did not return. Traders no longer stop in our town, the inns are empty. Pets are disappearing at night, wretched must be slipping through our defenses to feed. This must be dealt with, before we are overrun. Reports on the road are that several Lost have been sighted nearby, with Wretched on their heels. I fear for us
all. We have asked Nezuhada for help in defending our town, but they are content to sit behind their defenses. They encourage us to abandon our homes, our livelihoods and relocate. They do not understand, its people do not know the meaning of sacrifice, safe in their homes for generations. Their guards unnerve me, unnatural as they are. Vampirism is a gift, but that… it’s not right. I have sent Adette and the children to Nezuhada, many townsfolk fled with when the gates were unbarred to allow them through. The guards attempted to hold the crowd back, to retain as
many defenders for our home as possible. What we did not anticipate was the ends our own people were willing to go to to escape. Captain Godfrey was stabbed, and our cobbler Fritz was killed by the guards. Morale is grim. May any of us survive.
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