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Big Brother, This is agent #263. I am a member of the thought police. I am writing this letter to you because I have evidence that #6079 is against you. I have been watching him for the past 7 years and have recently gathered extreme evidence of thought crime. He is a danger to the party and must be stopped. My suspicion started when #6079 purchased a diary from my shop. There’s only one reason someone would want a diary for. Thoughtcrime. No loyal person would feel the need to own a private diary to record their thoughts. Some time
after, I found it, and I was baffled at what I found in that criminal’s diary. He had written in large words, “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER.” (Orwell Pg. 19) Not once, not twice, but enough to fill up half a page. Time passed and he walked into my shop again. This time, he purchased a glass paperweight. I didn’t think much of it at first, and then it hit me. This glass paperweight was another method of committing thoughtcrime. I was listening to #6079 speak with O’brien, and I heard he mentioned, “We are still using the ninth in the
Records Department.” (Orwell Pg. 131) Everything started clicking when I remembered he knows the past. The glass paperweight has to be his way of trying to connect with the past. I had a room prepared for #6079 above my shop. One day he came in and was interested, and he ended up agreeing to rent it. I had a telescreen hidden behind a picture on the wall. You could see through the painting from the back, but not from the front, so the telescreen was not visible. He believed he was free from being watched in this room, and here
he met with O’brien, working for the “Brotherhood”. During one of their first conversations, O’brien makes a statement about a disappeared friend of #6079. He says to Winston, “I was talking recently to a friend of yours who is certainly an expert.” (Orwell Pg. 130) Winston knew O’brien was speaking of Syme and committed thoughtcrime once again. But the worst thing I found about #6079 through this room, was his relationship with #9456. #6079 committed an unbelievable number of crimes with #9456. They had a sexual relationship in the beginning which developed into a worse relationship. They created an emotional
connection. So much to the point they would call it love. I received everything that #6079 disposed of through the memory hole, and I received a letter that #9456 had given him. Written on this letter were the words I LOVE YOU. “On it was written, in a large unformed handwriting: I LOVE YOU.” (Orwell Pg. 90) These criminals went against your rule to only have sex for reproduction and committed thoughtcrime every second they spent together being in love with each other. #6079 must be eliminated. His criminal behavior is unacceptable. He has disrespected you, and the only way
to eliminate him is to disrespect him to his death. Until he can no longer take it. He believes he has such a powerful mind, so play mind games with him. He will spiral so much that he will end up on your side. Once that is finished, a simple shot to the head will do. - Agent #263
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